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Thin Air Brands

Ant Treehouse

Ant Treehouse

The Nature Bound Ant Treehouse gives kids the ability to watch nature unfold right before their eyes. Pour in the special ant tunneling sand and watch as ants and insects take action. Watch as they tunnel, dig and store food. Use ants from outside or order using the discount coupon – included. Includes feeding stick, instructions, sand and coupon. Even includes a special tube so kids can connect two or more Ant Treehouse's side by side. No batteries required. Optional ants sold separately or use ants found in the yard.  Recommended for ages 6 +

-Includes special ant tunneling sand
-Includes connector tube, connect 2 or more habitats
-Includes feeding stick, sand, instructions, coupon
-Use coupon for 50% discount for LIVE ants
-Designed for home or classroom use

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