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I Never Finish Journal

I Never Finish Journal

  • Perfect hardback notebook for the lazy
  • Smooth matte design
  • Ideal to take on the go
  • Perfect for work or jotting thoughts down

This sleek turquoise notebook is ideal for anyone who really loves to procrastinate and struggles to get anything done! Its smooth matte design is both durable and sleek, perfect to slip into your bag on a commute or keep at your desk for important work business or just general musings!

With 192 pages, this novelty notebook promises to last you and your lethargic attitude for a long time. It also makes a great gift for a co-worker or friend who just can’t seem to get even the simplest of tasks finished.

It also makes a great gag gift for and a perfect stocking filler for those grumpy teens who are in the “I can’t be bothered phase”. For that matter, it’s perfect for adults still in the “I can’t be bothered phase” too.

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